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Page 701 (HC);

A man who claims the throne of a dead country is nine kinds of fool

The Great Hunt


Unless the man holding the sword is a fool

The Dragon Reborn

Chapter 28

A man would have to be a fool to let himself get involved with a woman like her

Chapter 42

There was one about a rich man whose wife and daughters made a fool of him time and again without ever deflating his self-importance

Chapter 54

He was all but committed to this fool notion of pretending to be a thief caught by the man

The Shadow Rising

Chapter 1

but I'm not the first woman to be a fool over a man

Doing fool things because of a fool man

Chapter 6

Fool man that he was

Her mother was too shrewd to make herself a fool over any man

Chapter 16

Only because a fool man thinks he can order my life to suit himself

Chapter 34

Fool man

You fool man

Chapter 36

A man would have to be an utter fool to tangle himself with one of those

Chapter 37

The man was a pure fool

Chapter 39

I might expect a fool man to drink until he can't stand

Chapter 40

the man's an arrogant fool in some ways

Chapter 46

Fool man

Chapter 49

He's the luckiest man in the world or the biggest fool since creation

The man is a fool

The Fires of Heaven

Chapter 4

It was simply a fool gift from a man who did not know or care what my

Chapter 7

stubborn fool man that he could be

Chapter 14

Did the fool man think she could not take care of herself

Chapter 16

Did the fool man not realize that talking of Aes Sedai plots here was a good way to get them both killed

Nynaeve had seen the woman's nearly grown daughter make a complete fool of herself trying to capture the man her mother intended to marry

Chapter 19

Lini had often told her that there was always one man in the world for whom a woman would find herself behaving a brainless fool

Chapter 21

That is what Maidens say when a man makes a fool of himself over one of the spear-sisters

Chapter 33

for a stubborn fool man

Chapter 37

The man was a fool

Chapter 39

Another fool man who was going to take care of her

Chapter 41

The man was a stone-blind fool

Chapter 45

A man may behave like a fool sometimes

Chapter 47

That barely deflated the fool man at all

Chapter 54

What was she doing lashing out with her fists like some fool man

Lord of Chaos

Chapter 9

knowing the man a fool

Chapter 27

The fool man grinned at her again

Chapter 30

The man was no fool

Chapter 44

and no man will think you a fool

A Crown of Swords

Chapter 23

penniless from chasing after a man and their purses full of brass bits and tin to fool fools

Chapter 27

The man ought to shave those fool mustaches

Chapter 35

She was not one of those fool women who tossed their brains at a man's feet along with their hearts

The Path of Daggers

Chapter 18

The fool man seemed amused

Winter's Heart

Chapter 5

The man's a fool

Chapter 9

Fool man

Chapter 12

Rand who sometimes crowded her thoughts until she wondered whether she was like some fool woman in a story who threw her head over the wall because of a man

Chapter 25

A man who trusts everyone is a fool

and a man who trusts no one is a fool

Chapter 35

The fool babbling at her was an important man as such things were accounted here and now

Crossroads of Twilight

Chapter 25

Perrin thought he might pull those fool mustaches right off the man's face

Knife of Dreams

Chapter 26

The man's a fool

New Spring the Novel

Chapter 4

The fool man did not so much as glance around at her from his study of the Whitecloaks

Chapter 5

I don't care whether the fool man wanted to be a hero

Chapter 15

Women eager to share the bed of a man fool stories claimed the Blight could not kill

Chapter 25

A man who claims the throne of a dead country is nine kinds of fool

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