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The Eye of the World

Chapter 3

Page 27 (HC); Page 32 (PB)

You are just stupid enough to do that

Chapter 14

Page 161 (HC); Page 192 (PB)

But that was a stupid question

Chapter 19

Page 232 (HC); Page 275 (PB)

stupid talk

Chapter 39

Page 488 (HC); Page 582 (PB)

Stubborn stupid

You're just being stubborn stupid

Chapter 47

Page 594 (HC); Page 707 (PB)

Stupid thing to be doing

The Great Hunt

Chapter 3

that's stupid

Chapter 5

cold enough to kill an entire village for secrecy and stupid enough to throw the bodies into the river to float downstream and trumpet their deed from Alcruna to Tanchico

Chapter 9

I was being stupid

Chapter 18

which was stupid

Chapter 41

I can't believe even Trollocs would be stupid enough to tell us everything they were going to do before they did it

The Dragon Reborn

Chapter 8

Stupid question

Chapter 10

and Nynaeve would have to do something about the man before his stubborn-stupid nobility made her mad enough to kill him

as if he knew some truth others were too stupid to see

Chapter 15

only a handful of women are stupid enough to make that sacrifice

Chapter 22

That is plain stupid foolish

Chapter 29

always so sure the small ones were too stupid to realize what was happening

Chapter 32

Mat told him in a weary voice that said he did not think anyone could possibly be stupid enough to do that

Chapter 38

Egwene did not think many men would be stupid enough to think the woman in front of them was not dangerous

Chapter 42

He glared at her and barely stopped himself from saying something he knew would be stupid

Chapter 49

The innkeeper looked at him as if he were stupid

Chapter 51

Perhaps you are too stupid to know when you are defeated

The Shadow Rising

Chapter 2

Not that he was stupid enough to put it to her that way

Not that she was stupid or slow

Chapter 37

That should cover any slips he was stupid enough to make

Chapter 48

and not really dangerous unless you were stupid enough to step on it

I did not think you were a stupid man

It is stupid to anger Aes Sedai

Just do not be stupid enough to step on it


The Fires of Heaven

Chapter 28

but if two Warders could not stop him from doing anything stupid

Chapter 29

Why the woman had been stupid enough to steal

Chapter 34

you stupid

Chapter 35

for stupid

so man-stubborn stupid

Chapter 43

the day was going to get very interesting for those stupid enough to be in the middle of the fighting

Lord of Chaos


but less than allowing her to do something truly stupid

Chapter 1

she was hardly stupid

Chapter 6

Far from stupid

Chapter 42

they have enough years not to do anything stupid

Chapter 44

and a quick jump back to Salidar before Egwene did anything stupid and irretrievable

A Crown of Swords

Chapter 6

he was not stupid enough to repeat that name

Chapter 10

It was a stupid law

Chapter 12

Unless I've gone blind and stupid

Chapter 17

Ispan was not stupid

Chapter 22

Blind stupid

you're blind stupid

Chapter 23

and thus made stupid rules

The Path of Daggers

Chapter 8

and he was not stupid

Chapter 21

It was almost a pity he was not stupid enough to do something that would get him executed

Only Weiramon was too stupid to think

Too stupid to leave behind

Winter's Heart


and it had to be more than stupid Green Ajah pride after we'd all done as much already

but try to see they don't do anything stupid

Chapter 9

but she was not stupid

Chapter 12

And she isn't stupid

She isn't at all stupid

Chapter 14

after she cursed Neferi for dying by something as stupid as a fall down stairs

Chapter 28

He did not think she was stupid enough

the Light alone knew whether Teslyn or Joline or even this Edesina might grow impatient enough to do something stupid

Chapter 30

Harnan ain't too stupid to put his boots on alone

Crossroads of Twilight


and the Blight soon killed the stupid and the greedy

that was stupid

Chapter 4

nor so stupid to as to head too close to north

Chapter 6

but they were never stupid

Chapter 21

she was not stupid enough to simply stroll into that

Chapter 25

Arganda looks a man ready to do something stupid

Do what you can to keep him from doing anything stupid

Chapter 28

What seemed the best idea at the time could look pure quill stupid in hindsight

Knife of Dreams


Two very stupid lies

Chapter 9

a man ready to do something stupid

It would not do to have someone who was stupid or a fool ascend the Crystal Throne

Chapter 14

If they were stupid enough not to see that she was more than a superior serving woman

There was no point in being stubborn stupid

Chapter 20

Frightened people do stupid things

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